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Young Women


Viva Valeria is actively looking for 3-5 influential women who can share our enthusiasm for the Viva Valeria brand.

We’re in the hunt for passionate individuals or businesses that connect with our brand.

it’s quick and easy with huge benefits! 

so why join us?

  • It's free to join.

  • Free jewellery.

  • Free gift card.

  • 50% off anything.

  • 15% discount code/link for you and your followers to use on our website.

  • Free promotion for influencer brand.

  • Free promotion for small businesses.

  • Huge exposure.

  • Professional photoshoot opportunities.

  • Feature on our social media.

  • Chance to feature on our website.

  • Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships with us.

  • Regularly updated feeds with a variety of brand new, on-trend products.

  • Invites to exclusive events.

Image by Vladimir Yelizarov

who are we looking for?

  • Someone that loves taking photos

  • Loves taking selfies

  • Enjoys going out, attends events and/or has nights out

  • Enthusiastic at promoting a brand

  • Must have a large following (min 3000)

  • Someone who is without question, passionate about fashion

  • Someone with an actively online presence

join us today!

Become a Brand Ambassador

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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